It’s coming- All American Freedom Festival

Pinnacle Hills Promenade, June 28th 2014 A cross cultural military and community event that people of all ages participate in.  The Festival is a cooperative effort between associations, local military and businesses reflecting pride and the “American Spirit” to honor the sacrifices of the fallen and veterans while lending support to the currently serving members […]

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Purple UP! for Military Kids April 15th

Purple symbolizes the mixing of our Armed Forces colors.  For one day we set aside red, white and blue and adopt purple as the color of freedom.  April 15th is designated as “Purple Up Day” to recognize the sacrifices and support our military youth make to the country.  Camp Alliance asks everyone to show your […]

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Own the mission by Gift Wrapping!

Exciting News—Camp Alliance and Habitat for Humanity have partnered this holiday season GIFT WRAPPING!  We are looking for groups of 4-5 to come in and help us out.  Money will go toward Camp Alliance Silver Star Gift holiday program– benefiting local service-members & families– along with the Habitat for Humanity mission!   Location: Pinnacle Hills Promenade, […]

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Own the Mission